Monday, 18 November 2013

Nitro Pro + Full Patch

Nitro Pro is software that we can use to open and edit PDF files. With Nitro Pro software, the buddy can edit PDF with a very easy and simple. Buddy can edit text, add images, edit your pictures, add headers and footers, add watermarks, and much more. Well, if my friend had finished editing the PDF, my friend can directly upload them to the Cloud Nitro, and can be shared via social networking buddyview the latest Nitro Pro is similar to the look of Microsoft Office 2013.

View, create and combine PDF files
  • Open, read and edit PDF files from other PDF applications.
  • Preview PDF files in folders or Microsoft Outlook, without opening Nitro Pro.
  • Open PDF files in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, …
  • Display PDF files as thumbnail document previews, instead of static PDF file icons.
  • Create PDF and PDF/A documents from almost any kind of file.
  • Convert and combine files into a single PDF document.
  • Convert entire collections of files to PDF in one batch.
  • One-button PDF creation from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Convert Microsoft Word files into professional PDF files that include bookmarks, links, metadata and security.
Scan and OCR PDF files
  • Scan paper documents to PDF.
  • Convert paper- and image-based files into searchable and editable PDF files using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.
Edit PDF files
  • Insert and edit text, change font, size, color and more.
  • Configure paragraphs: Adjust line height, width and alignment of paragraphs.
  • Edit images >> insert, resize, rotate, crop, flip, replace, arrange, delete, and extract.
  • Edit image properties >> brightness, contrast, color space, and resolution.
  • Edit pages >> insert, delete, rotate, crop, extract, and replace.
  • Split pages of PDF documents based on page groups, page ranges, and bookmark structure.
  • Add/remove headers, footers, and watermarks.
  • Add/remove Bates numbering to a collection of files.
  • Add and edit bookmarks and links.
  • Auto-create bookmarks based on document text formatting and headings.
  • Auto-create links based on keywords and page numbers.
  • Optimize, shrink, and repair PDF documents.
  • Edit document properties including metadata and initial view settings.

 Reuse content from PDF files
  • Convert PDF to Microsoft Word, while retaining text formatting, paragraphs, columns, tables, headers and footers, and more.
  • Create different kinds of Word files depending on how you need to reuse the content.
  • Convert PDF to Rich Text Format for use in other word processing applications.
  • Automatically extract all tables from PDF files and covert into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Extract all text and images from PDF documents.
  • Extract entire pages as images.
  • Copy text and pictures directly from PDF pages.
  • Convert batches of files.

 Review & annotate
  1. Emphasize text content with the Highlight, Underline, Cross Out and Replace text tools.
  2. Add Sticky Notes, Text Boxes, and Call Out annotations.
  3. Add drawings with the Pencil tool.
  4. Add drawing shapes, including lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, polygons and clouds.
  5. Apply stamps to pages, choosing from pre-defined stamps, custom images or text.
  6. Insert dynamic stamps containing date, time or author information.
  7. Attach documents and other files to your PDF pages.
  8. Add explanatory text and other feedback to your markups.
  9. Sort and manage comments.
  10. Filter comments based on type, author, status, subject and more.
  11. Summarize comments for easy viewing alongside page content. View the summary as a PDF or print it for paper-based reviewing.

 Protect yourself & your information
  • Secure documents with passwords and certificates.
  • Encrypt with 40-bit, 128-bit, and 256-bit level security.
  • Apply restrictions on printing, copying, and altering PDF documents.
  • Create and apply security profiles.
  • Apply a secure copy of your handwritten signature directly to pages.
  • Remove hidden information such as annotations, bookmarks, form fields and metadata.
  • Permanently remove (redact) sensitive information, including names, numbers, codes,pictures, illustration and metadata.
  • Protect yourself from potentially malicious web sites and web-based PDF files.

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