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Download GOM Video Converter + Crack

GOM Video Converter is a tool that can encode various video formats to AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV and OGM files. After a brief installation in which you can enable the program to download some codecs, you have to select presets every time you initiate the application (e.g. Apple, Sony, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft). You can add one or more files (batch conversion is supported), configure output format and settings, set the output destination, and start converting.
You can configure output settings for the video codec (codec name, bitrate, key frame interval, video quality, resize filter), audio codec (codec name, format), video (size, ratio, frame, color settings, video effects), audio (sample rate frequency, normalizer), subtitles (font, color, position), but you can also attach a logo to the video and set its start and end point, transparency level, position and size.

Versi Indonesia
GOM Video Converter adalah alat yang dapat merubah berbagai format video ke AVI , MP4 , WMV , FLV dan file OGM . Setelah melakukan instalasi singkat kemudian Anda dapat mengaktifkan program untuk men-download berbagai Format video, Anda harus memilih setiap kali Anda memulai aplikasi ( misalnya Apple, Sony , Android , Blackberry , Microsoft ) . Anda dapat menambahkan satu atau lebih file ( konversi batch didukung ) , mengkonfigurasi format output dan pengaturan , mengatur tujuan output , dan mulai mengkonversi .
Anda dapat mengkonfigurasi pengaturan output untuk format video  ( nama format , bitrate, frame kunci interval , kualitas video , mengubah ukuran filter), format audio ( nama audio , format) , ( ukuran, rasio , bingkai , pengaturan warna , efek video ) video, audio ( frekuensi sample rate , normalizer ) , sub judul ( font, warna, posisi ) , tetapi Anda juga dapat melampirkan logo ke video dan set awal dan titik akhir , tingkat transparansi , posisi dan ukuran .

Selain itu, Anda dapat menggabungkan video , menggunakan alat screencap atau membuat preview snapshot ( dengan menggunakan menu klik kanan ) , tetapi Anda juga dapat mengekstrak audio dari file video ( dengan menetapkan jenis output ke MP3 atau AAC di Pengaturan Output ) . Proses encoding tidak butuh waktu lama - tergantung pada ukuran file sumber dan format output . Sebagai contoh, GOM Video Converter berhasil menyandikan file FLV 107MB ke file AVI 172MB dalam satu menit dan tiga puluh delapan detik ( dengan menggunakan pengaturan default) .
In addition, you can merge videos, use a screencap tool or create a snapshot preview (by using the right-click menu), but you can also extract audio from a video file (by setting the output type to MP3 or AAC in Output Settings). The encoding process does not take very long - it depends on the source file size and output format. For example, GOM Video Converter managed to encode a 107MB FLV file to a 172MB AVI file in one minute and thirty-eight seconds (by using the default settings).

While the software is converting a file, you can view elapsed and remaining time, conversion speed, set GOM Video Converter to move or copy the output file to a specified directory, shutdown PC, minimize to tray, show an error message if conversion fails, show a message when all conversions are complete, and more.

The bottom line is that GOM Video Converter is a great tool for encoding, merging video files, and extracting audio from them. The features could have been more organized for faster and better understanding of its usage.

Key Features:
Users with multi-core processors can convert multiple files simultaneously (multi-conversion).
Screencap function lets you capture still images from video files.
Snapshot Preview function lets you create a preview image compiled from still images taken from various points in the video.
Merge function allows two or more video or audio video files to be combined into a single file.
Preset Output Settings to make converting for specific devices easier.
Segment video and audio files and convert only the desired sections.
Convert audio from videos or various music files into MP3 or AAC.
Use the DSC (Direct Stream Copy) function to change the container of your video without altering the format.
Create Music Wallpapers [Still Image (JPG or BMP) + Audio]
Output subtitle files (.srt/.smi)
Output Closed Caption with subtitle files (.srt/.smi) when converting to MP4.
Split Video function allows a file to be separated into two or more files.
Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.
Apply Video Effects (Deblock / Smoothen / Sharpen / Deinterlace / Flip Vertically / Flip Horizontally).
Output a thumbnail file.
Embed a personal Logo or watermark on converted videos.
Play speed change function support.
Create high quality videos with 2PASS encoding.

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